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Arizona reports its biggest one-day jump in new cases

Image Credit: Cheney Orr/Reuters

The state of Arizona reported its biggest jump in cases. This was partly due to a batch of tests that was not reported on Monday. Around 4,682 people were found to be positive for the virus over the past 24 hours. Some of these cases were supposedly to be reported on Monday, but due to a lab scientist missing a daily deadline, the results had to be published today.

Arizona is one of the states where experiencing a surge in the number of cases . The governor, Doug Ducey, decided to take action and reversed the reopening process, following a number of other states like Texas and Florida. Bars, gyms, movie theaters and other business will be closed for the next 30 days. Schools have been ordered to reopen on August 17th, but surprisingly, restaurants will be allowed to remain open as long as the social distancing rules are maintained.

Most of the people infected are aged between 20 and 44. These also make up 22% of hospitalizations, Ducey said.

‘ Our expectation is that next week, our numbers will be worse’.

The total number of infected in Arizona now stands at 79,215, up from 46,689 cases just 10 days ago. There were 44 deaths reported today and a total of 1,632 deaths since the pandemic began.

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