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US secured almost the entire world supply of Remdesivir

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United States Department of Health Human Services (HHS) claimed that they managed to secure nearly the entire supply of Remdesivir, Gilead’s COVID-19 drug proven to treat coronavirus. HHS also managed to secure 90% of the stocks for August and September, leaving Europe and UK without access to the drug until October.

Dr. Andrew Hill, a senior visiting Reseach Fellow in the Pharmacology Department at Liverpool University told Sky News,

‘This deal that’s been struck by America means that people with COVID-19 in the UK can’t get access to these treatments that would get them out of hospital quickly and might improve their chances of survival’.

‘So far, we know that for the next three months there will be no supplies of Remdesivir – America will take the drugs and we won’t have access to them. That’s the case in the UK and Europe.

Jessica Blurry, a pharmacist for the Access Campaign at medical humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders said that,

‘Gilead does not seem to have any plan to sufficiently supply low- and middle- income countries’ markets during this interim period while generics are coming on board, either, as they seem more focused on high- income country markets where they can make more money’.

Gilead signed licensing agreement with other generic manufacturers in Egypt, India and Pakistan to produce and supply the drug to 127 countries, mainly low and middle income countries. Unfortunately, the deal excludes 70 large middle-income countries, which includes China, Mexico and Brazil, which make up half of the world’s population.

Gilead will speed up the production of the drug with the goal of producing 2 million doses by December.

The company said, ‘We are doing everything we can to accelerate manufacturing timelines and quantities of Remdesivir to meet the growing demand for emergency use of the medicine from around the world’.


  1. The Us government did pay for it. And it will pick the old really really rich white males to save. It is all still sort of shocking to me Why did the WHO publish this yesterday?
    Are they dumb as dirt? Doubt it. So why? You tell me.
    The one thing that is pretty clear is that bio-medical research is not as pure as we thought it should be.


    • Airborne transmission was already seen as possible before, contrary to what WHO said. Apparently, WHO knew this, but did not want to confirm it. There is still some research needed to further confirm it, but they might not have wanted to release this information not to terrify hospital workers. As a hospital worker myself, I’d rather have this information, but not everyone thinks like me.


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