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India-China standoff

Image Credit: Times of India

China has physically occupied an 8 km stretch of land that is considered by India to be their own. This region is located in Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh. The Chinese army put up an 80 metre long signage, in the shape of inscriptions. The latter were made to be visible from the air, and may be picked up by satellites. The sign displays the word ‘China’ in Mandarin, along with the map of the country.

Yesterday, India asked China to follow the descalation and disengagement rules of June 22, to avoid the continuous buildup of troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Talks between the 2 countries took around 12 hours, from 10:30am til 11pm. This was the third meeting, the other two were held on June 6 and June 22.

In response to China’s occupation of an 8 km stretch of land, the Indian government decided to ban around 59 Chinese apps, which include the famous TikTok, Helo, ShareIT, UC browser and WeChat. The India government argued that these apps pose a serious threat to the ‘sovereignty and security’ of the country.


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