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China passes Hong Kong controversial security law

Image Credit: AFP

China passed the controversial security law, which will come into effect on July 1 on the anniversary of Hong Kong return to the Chinese. It was passed by the standing committee of the National People’s Congress (NPC) after a 3-day meeting, that started on Sunday.

It is considered to be the most radical change in Hong Kong since its handover in 1997. It was not officially confirmed by China, and Hong Kong residents have been left in the dark about the new measures. In general, the law will criminalize subversion, secession and cooperation with foreign forces. The law will most likely affect the right to protest, and the freedom of speech.

RHTK reported that breaking the new laws might land a Hong Kong resident in prison for far longer than 10 years. This law will most likely fuel more protests in a city that has already experienced 6 months of anti-government protests. A leading activist, Joshua Wong, announced his resignation from the pro-democracy group, Demosisto.

He wrote on social media that it is,

‘the end of the Hong Kong that the world knew before. from now on, Hong Kong enters a new era of reign of terror. With sweeping powers and ill-defined law the city will turn into a secret police state’.

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