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No virus deaths in Ontario for the first time since the start of the pandemic

Image Credit: Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press

On Monday, Ontario reported 154 new cases, but for the first time since the pandemic, there were no deaths. The number of new cases increased slightly from the 138 cases reported on Sunday, and 121 on Saturday, but Canada’s COVID-19 models show that in most of the country, the virus is under control.

A survey conducted by new Nanos research survey showed that 81% of Canadians believe that the border between US and Canada should remain closed until the spread of the virus in the US is also under control.

Since Canada shares a huge border with United States, most Canadians are anxious that the virus might spillover into Canada, initiating the second wave. The President of Canada, Justin Trudeau said, ‘It is going to be really, really important that everyone remains attentive and vigilant to their own behaviors so that we can prevent a second wave from arriving as we’ve seen in many places.’

Since March, Ontario reported a total of 2,689 deaths out of the total death toll of 8,637 in the whole of Canada. The total number of cases in Canada stands at 105,764.

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