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Spain shelves its sovereignty claim over Gibraltar.

Image Credit: Frank Augstein/AP

Spain has decided to shelve its sovereigty claims over the Gibraltar due to the ongoing negotiations on the free-trade agreement between the UK and Europe.

The People’s party called on the Spanish government to take opportunity of the ongoing Brexit crisis to take back the territory from UK. Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, instead decided to let go off their claim for Gibraltar, in an effort to avoid disruption of the UK free trade deal with EU.

The deal will help Spain’s economy to recover, after it has been badly hit due to coronavirus lockdowns. The economy of Spain shrank around 34% in the first 2 weeks of the lockdown, compared with an average of 21% in the Eurozone.

Securing a positive deal between the EU and UK, will allow Spain to maintain its country’s ties with the UK.Regardless of this, recently the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel warned that a no-deal Brexit is possible , as there was little progress in the negotiations between the two sides.

‘Progress in the negotiations thus far have been slim, to put it diplomatically. We’ve agreed with the UK to accelerate the pace of talks to reach an agreement by the Autumn – an agreement that can be ratified by the end of this year.’

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