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Egypt passes a bill that criminalizes bullying.

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On Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mostafa Madbouly, announced that he approved a draft law that will criminalize bullying. A new article (Number 309B) will be added to the country’s penal code. This new law can put those convicted to a minimum of six months in prison.

This was introduced due to ever-increasing bullying in Egyptian society. Legally, bullying is defined to be any show of control or strength over another person, and it includes the exploitation of a victim’s weakness. This law has also included individuals bullying because of a difference in religion, race, gender, health, mental status, and physical appearance.

Those convicted will be put in jail for a minimum of 6 months and will have to pay a fine between LE10,000 and 30,000 ($626 -$1,879), or else one of the two penalties.

The new law stipulates that when bullying is carried out by two people or more or else by a family member, the victim’s guardian, a harsher punishment is to be given. In such cases, the jail time for those convicted will increase to a minimum of 1 year behind bars and a fine of between LE20,000 and 100,000 ($1,253 -$6,266), or else one of the two penalties.

If those convicted repeat the offenses, the penalties will be doubled each time.

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