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Spain orders the culling of around 100,000 mink.

Image Credit: Getty Images/Y. Tutov

The Spanish government ordered the culling of 92,700 mink found to be infected with the coronavirus located in the Aragorn province .The farm employee’s wife seem to have contracted the virus in May. Her husband was eventually positive for the virus, along with six other employees.

The company that runs the farm will be given compensation by the government for the culling. The mink is mass bred for its fur. The village is located around 200km East of Madrid.

It is not yet known whether the virus was transmitted from the infected farmers to animals or vice-versa. Regardless of this, the government took the decision to make sure that no transmission of the virus to humans occurs or else it does not spread further.

In the Netherlands and Denmark, there were workers positive for the virus in mink farms. After the Dutch government announced that two workers in a mink farm were positive for the virus, Netherlands proceeded with the immediate slaughter of thousands of minks, after they found the virus in farms across the country.

WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove said in June at a news conference, ‘there were individuals who infected the minks, people who infected the mink, and in turn some of these mink infected some people.’

Dr. Kerkhove concluded, ‘We are learning about what this actually means in terms of transmission and what role they (mink) may play.’

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