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Cases in Brazil surpass 2 million

Image Credit: Reuters/Pilar Olivares

Today, Brazil reached a new record with more than 2 million cases and 76,000 deaths, since the pandemic began. Brazil is the second worst hit country after the United States. The country’s President, Jair Bolsanoro repeatedly dismissed the virus as a ‘little flu’ for several months. He was seen attending rallies without a mask with no regard to social distancing.

He removed a health minister and one resigned, because of disagreements with his policies. Bolsonaro repeatedly asked the population to go out and work.

On 7th July, Bolsonaro tested positive for the virus. He immediately went into self-isolation in his official residence, Alvorada Palace in Brasilia. He was seen wearing a mask most of the time. On Thursday, he took another COVID-19 test and it came back positive the second time, and will therefore remain in quarantine at his official residence.

The President is working by video conferencing and on Monday, he admitted that he is finding his new routine difficult to follow, and that he can’t wait for a negative result and leave his residence.

Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a former health minister that was fired by Bolsonaro, said that ,’People have become callous,’ ‘When you say, ‘Yesterday there were 1,300 deaths,’ people are saying , ‘OK, then it didn’t go up. It was 1,300 people the day before, too.’

Dr Adriano Massuda, a healthcare administration specialist and also a professor at the Sao Paolo University of Getulio Vargas Foundation said, ‘There’s no national strategy for testing, no measures from the top.. too little effort to improve basic care so we find serious cases before they become too serious , no tracking.’

The former health minister Mandetta, said ‘We will see how this patient known as Brazil will behave until the end of this epidemic.’

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