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Another fire accident in Iran, setting seven ships ablaze.

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On Wednesday afternoon, seven ships caught fire in the port of Bushehr in Southern Iran. Iran had a series of fire accidents all over the country in the last few weeks, suggesting that a sabotage could not be ruled out. These include fire and explosions at a missile facility, power plant, medical clinic and also a nuclear enrichment facility.

Last Monday, Iranian authorities that a fire broke out in a petrochemical factory, located in South-Western Mashahr area. The authorities said that it was caused by an oil leak.

Last Saturday, in the basement of an apartment building a number of gas cylinders exploded in Tehran.

On 2nd July, a fire broke out at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility, that resulted in an explosion. An opposition group claimed they carried out the attack, but sources could not be verified. Read more about this here:

Before this accident, on 26th June, a blast occured in the Khojr missile production facility.


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