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Five Iran-backed fighters killed in Syria.

Syrian Defense Forces respond to incoming Israeli missiles

Image Credit: AFP

An Israeli missile strike in Southern Damascus killed five Iranian paramilitary fighters. The missile strike happened on Monday night. The missiles hit a weapons depot and military positions where both Syrian soldiers and Iranian-backed militia were stationed.

According to SANA news agency, seven Syrian soldiers were injured in the attack and most of the missiles were neutralized before reaching their targets. The news agency also claimed that the fighter jets fired all the missiles from the Golan heights.

In total, 11 fighters were wounded, four non-Syrian fighter and seven Syrian troops. Two of the Syrian troops have been grievously injured and are in critical condition.

According to sources, the missile strikes came in two waves and huge blasts were seen in the towns of Jabal Al Mane, Muqaylabiya and Zakiya.

A Syrian analyst, Zaid al Reys (name not confirmed), the main target of the attack was a major ammunition depot. This attack comes a week after Iran and Syria signed an agreement, that would see Syrian military air defenses upgraded by Iran.

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