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Iran test fires a ballistic missile in its naval drill.

Image Credit: Fars News Agency

The Iranian regular armed forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps have been participating in military drills for several days. On Tuesday, Iran was in the final stage of the drills the IRGC fired ballistic missiles from underground against a made up enemy, in its final stage of naval drills occurring in the South region of the country.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that it was the first time that they fired a ballistic missile from underground, also known as ‘buried’ ballistic missile. General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said, ‘During the recent drills, we managed to fire ballistic missiles from deep underground for the first time in the world.’

‘In other words, without using launch pads and other conventional equipment, the buried missiles cracked the ground and hit their targets with precision.’

The IRGC Navy and Aerospace force also participated in the drills code named ‘Payambar-e-Azam 14’ , where they conducted aerial, ground and space operations in the southern region of Hormozgan, Persian Gulf and western parts of the strait of Hormuz.

Sukhoi-22 fighter jets were also used to destroy targets on Farur island. Mine laying operations, cutting off communication tactics and usage of drones, UAV, artillery, choppers and submarines were also in the drill.

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