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Isreali jets strike Syrian military targets.

Image Credit: Reuters

Israel launched airstrikes against several military targets in Syria on Monday. Israel targeted military targets only.

Israeli helicopters fired rockets in Syrian armed positions near Quneitra. No injuries or casualties were reported. Fighter jets were also used to attack Syrian armed positions in retaliation for the laying of explosives in the Golan heights by four intruders,

The four intruders were found inside Israeli territory, and were dealt with by Israeli commandos backed by airstrikes. Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said, ‘Our estimate is that all four were killed.’

In a statement, the Israeli Army said, ‘The targets struck include observation posts and intelligence collection systems, anti-aircraft artillery facilities and command and control systems in SAF (Syrian Armed Forces).’

‘The IDF holds the Syrian government responsible for all activities on Syrian soil, and will continue operating with determination against any violation of Israeli sovereignty.’

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