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US and Greek foreign ministers to meet to discuss the Eastern Mediterranean tension with Turkey.

Image Credit: AP

The foreign ministers of United States and Greece will meet in Vienna on Friday to discuss the situation in East Mediterranean. Greece is in dispute with Turkey over zones, that are known to have oil and gas.

The meeting between the Greek Foreign minister Nikos Dendias and US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo comes after a few days ago, the survey vessel Oruc Reis proceeded with its seismic exploration in a disputed area. The seismic surveillance vessel will operate in the area until August 23rd.

Read more about the deployment of Oruc Reis to the disputed area and the situation in general here:

On Wednesday, Turkish energy minister said that the survey vessel, Oruc Reis continued its seismic surveillance for hydrocarbon resources. The vessel is doing the surveillance protected by Turkish warships, and watched closely by Greek warships.


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