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South Korea enforces more measures in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus.

Image Credit: AFP

South Korean Health authorities is banning mass gatherings, by shutting down churches and nightclubs and also banning fans from attending sport events. This is in response to a ninth straight day of triple digit cases. These new measures were announced on Saturday and will hopefully curb the spread of the virus.

The Health Minister Park Neung-Hoo announced the new measures shorty after it has been reported that 332 new cases were confirmed. Most of these cases were from the densely populated area of Seoul. The area has been considered as a hotspot in recent weeks, as the virus spreads uncontrollably. A major source of the transmission of the virus were the churches. This has been immediately dealt with by shutting them all down.

The government have introduced social distancing rules this week after months withholding them back. The social distancing rules have been categorised into three stages, with the first stage being the least intense, and the third stage the toughest. The third stage would mean that alot of companies would have to close.

The Health Minister Park Neung-Hoo said in a briefing ‘If we don’t curb the spread of the virus in early stages, this will grow as a large scale wave.To us, there is nothing more important than focusing on responding to COVID-19.’

The KCDC deputy director also said in a press briefing, ‘If we enchance the social distancing guidelines to the third stage, it is inevitable that they will take a toll on people’s daily lives and economy. We urge you to the situation seriously.’

The total number of coronavirus cases since the pandemic began has now reached 17,002, while the death toll is 309.

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