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Iran agreed on letting IAEA inspectors access to suspected nuclear sites.

IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi. Image Credit: AP

Iran agreed to allow the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors access to sites believed to have been nuclear sites. Iran announced that they agreed to allow the inspectors out of good faith to resolve issues they have regarding nuclear energy.

The agreement was struck after a visit from the IAEA’s Director General Rafael Grossi. Iran has long been criticized regarding its nuclear energy, which many countries believe is to build a nuclear weapon, rather than supply energy. Two sites will be inspected, one is located outside Iran, and another in the city of Isfahan. The inspectors will take samples from these sites to determine if there is a nuclear material.

After the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran was scrapped by US President Donald Trump, Iran said that they will be enriching uranium in response to sanctions. Iran wants the 2015 nuclear deal back on the table. The 2015 deal has restrictions on the nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

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