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South Korea reports the most number of cases since March

Image Credit: Jung Yeon-je/AFP/Getty

On Thursday, South Korea reported 441 new cases, the highest daily number of coronavirus cases since early March. The authorities urged companies to have their employees work from home.

The recent surge of cases is associated with an outbreak in a church and anti-government rally. The government warned that there is a possibility of new clusters in densely populated regions.

Health Minister Park Neung-Hoo said ‘Please carry out through checks of risk factors at workplaces, where the work envirnoment is especially vulnerable to infection, such as call centres and logistics warehouse.’

‘To reduce transmission within workplaces, please reduce the number of staff through flexible work hours, work from home and working staggered hours,’ he added.

Health authorities have provided a list of 51,000 people to local governments, that have considered ae most likely to have been in the anti-government rally. The authorities have floated the idea of imposing the strictest social distancing measures, which would require the closure of schools and businesses, which would further damage the fourth largest economy in Asia.

The total number of coronavirus cases is now 18,706 and the death toll is 313 since the pandemic began.

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