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Joint military exercise in South of Cyprus launched.

Image Credit: GEETHA

The planned joint military aeronautical exercise was launched today in South of Cyprus. The military drill has been dubbed as ‘Eunomia’. The 3-day military exercise between 4 countries, Italy, France, Greece and Cyprus was planned in response to growing tensions between Greece and Turkey over exclusive economic zones(EEZ). The drills will come to an end on 28th August. France and Greece will use military aircraft and warships in the exercise and Cyprus will activate its air defense system.

Turkey has been carrying out seismic and research drilling operations in a zone, Greece considers theirs. Escalating tensions between Greece and Turkey have prompted some European countries to support Greece, and try to de-escalate the tensions. Read more about the dispute between Greece and Turkey here:

Greek Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said that ‘the initiative..aims to demonstrate the commitment of the four European Mediterranean countries to the rule of law as part of the policy of de-escalating tensions.’

On Wednesday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that they will take what is theirs in the Aegean sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

‘Turkey will do whatever necessary to get its rights.’ President Erdogan said according to Reuters. He added, ‘If Greece wants to pay a price, let them come and face us. If they don’t have the courage for it, they should stand out of our way,’ President Erdogan said according to a Turkish Newspaper.

German’s foreign minister (FM) Heiko Maas has asked Greece and Turkey to de-escalate tensions, warning that a ‘spark could lead to disaster.’ After a meeting with the Greek FM Nikos Dendias, German FM said ‘The current situation in the eastern Mediterranean is …playing with fire, and any spark–however small-could lead to a disaster.’ The German FM said that Germany and the whole of European Union said they support Greece.


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