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Singapore reports lowest amount of cases in 5 months.

Image Credit: Reuters/Edgar Su

Singapore authorities reported 31 new cases, marking a new daily low that did not occur since March 22nd.

One of the cases were imported, while the other 30 cases were from migrant workers that were living in dormitories. Twenty-six of the migrants were also in quarantine, after they were contacted about possibly having the virus, before testing.

Singapore has managed to control the rate of new coronavirus cases and will ease travel restrictions accordingly. A travel bubble with Brunei and New Zealand has been established. Both countries have managed to contain the virus, and tourists from both countries arriving in Singapore will not need to quarantine. Citizens from both nations are exempt from quarantine given that they have had been staying in country for 14 consecutive days and have provided a negative test result. This will come into effect on 1st September.

Travelers entering Singapore and need to quarantine will have to follow the country’s social distancing requirements known as ‘circuit breaker’. It involves all travelers to wear a GPS and Bluetooth enabled bracelet, if they will not stay in a dedicated quarantine facility. The moment they tamper with the tracking bracelet or go outside their quarantine place, authorities are alerted.

The government once floated the idea that the tracking bracelet might be used even for all Singapore citizens, regardless if they have been abroad or not. This brought a huge condemnation from the public, as people consider it as a breach of privacy.

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