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Turkey issues two navigational telexes.

Image Credit:AA

On Wednesday, Turkey issued two navigation telexes for Russian live fire exercises which will occur on both sides of the island of Cyprus. It has been recently sending telexes to Greece for its seismic survey vessels. More about NAVTEX and current disputed between Turkey and Greece here:

The announcement advises sailors to avoid the area. The Russian exercises will occur in two overlapping phases. The first phase will occur in the period between September 8th till 22nd, while the second phase will occur between September 17th till 25.

The navy exercises will occur in an area outside Greece’s jurisdiction, and in the first phase, the navy exercise will cover an area where Oruc Reis seismic survey vessel is currently operating. In the second phase, the Russian navy exercise will occur in an area where Turkey’s Barbaros seismic survey vessel is currently operating.

In response, Nicosia issued a NOTAM (notice to airmen), in response to both navigational NAVTEX. The NAVTEX came shortly after United States partially lifted the 33-year old arms embargo on Cyprus. More about the partial lift of Cyprus arms embargo here:

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