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Oil tanker off the coast of Sri Lanka catches fire.

Image Credit: ANI

New Diamond, a supertanker carrying 2 million tonnes of oil, caught fire 37 nautical miles off the coast of Sri Lanka. The oil has originated from Kuwait, and it was destined to reach Paradip in India by 5th September. It is believed that there is a risk of an oil spill.

According to a Sri Lanka Navy spokesman, the engine of the tanker caught fire after an explosion. The tanker’s crew attempted to control the fires. All the supertanker’s crew made up of around 19 individuals have been evacuated. Unconfirmed reports say that the crew managed to control the fire, but the fire started again and is spreading to the superstructure. The Sri Lanka Navy sought the assitance of the Indian Coast guard to control the fire.

The supertanker is disabled. Image Credit:

Out of the 19 crew, 1 has been reported missing and 1 injured. The supertanker was built in 2000 and is registered in Panama. It is currently stranded in the bay of Bengal.

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