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Massive fire breaks out in Lebanon’s port

Massive fire in Beirut port. Image Credit: AP

A massive fire broke out in the port in an area where a massive explosion last month claimed the lives of 190 people and injured 6000. Read more about the Lebanon explosion of last month here:

Several pictures on social media showed large plumes of smokes coming from the area. It is not yet known what is the cause of the fire, but State-run Nation News Agency claimed that the fire is in a warehouse that stores tires and oil in the dury-free zone.

Firefighters are currently dealing with the fire and army helicopters have been seen taking part in the operation.

On social media, port workers were seen running from the area, as soon as the fire broke out. People in Beirut started opening their windows, and warning others about the port fire.

The Governor of Beirut, Marwan Abboud asked people to avoid the road that lead to the port, so that fire engines can move quickly.

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