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Huawei research lab in the Chinese city of Dongguan is on fire.

Image Credit: Weibo

On Friday, the Huawei research and development laboratory in the Chinese city of Dongguan caught fire. A large plume was seen coming out from the company. The laboratory is involved in testing 4G and 5G antennas.

It is yet unknown what caused the fire, but an investigation is underway. No casualties or injuries were reported so far. Some suggested that there was an explosion, but state media did not mention any explosion. The firefighters managed to control the fire in an hour, and during the fire Huawei employees wearing lab coats, were seen running from the premises.

The Research and Development laboratory is thought to have ‘sound absorbing materials’, which is considered to be highly flammable. Sources reported that the building is still under construction, and therefore the number of employees inside was probably minimal.

UPDATE – 26/09/20 – Three people have died in the fire. The government said that they were employees of the industrial park management company.

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