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Hospital admissions in England increase by 25% in a single day.

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Hospitals in England have experienced a 25% increase in new admissions. On Sunday, there were 478 COVID-19 admissions in hospital, compared to 386 on the previous day. Also on the same day, England had the highest number of patients in hospital since early June. The number of patients requiring a ventilator has also risen from 259 a week ago, to 349.

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom has reported 14,542 cases, 2000 more than the previous day. A total of 76 deaths were also reported on Tuesday. Approximately 2,783 patients are occupying beds in English hospitals, an alarming number when the previous week there were 1,881 COVID-19 patients in hospital.

Hospital admissions in England increasing at an alarming rate again. Image Credit:

The soaring number of cases prompted extra restrictions across UK to curb the spread of the virus. In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said that the restrictions will be announced on Wednesday, but there will be no full lock-down. In England, a vote to enforce the rule of 6 has passed. This would ban gatherings of more than 6 people. The Prime Minister of UK considers the rule of 6 as ‘sensible and helpful’. Also, Mr. Johnson laid out his post-pandemic plan for United Kingdom, where he promised reforms in education, green energy and social care system.

To make matters worse, UK did not record 16,000 positive cases between September 25 and October 2nd. The error which was reported to be an excel error, resulted in a artificially low number of positive patients initially, while 16,000 positive people were roaming about. As of Tuesday morning, 63% of the positive cases were contacted. On Monday, the Health Secretary Matt Hancock said,

This incident should never have happened.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock


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