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Unidentified plane spotted over Russian base in Armenia.

Russian jets take-off from Yerevan-Erebuni district airbase in Armenia. Image Credit:

Reports came in of an unidentified reconnaissance plane that flew over a Russian military airbase in Armenia.

The aircraft was showing that it was in Georgia, broadcasting false information regarding its real location. It is believed that it flew to Armenia, where it was spotted. After, the reconnaissance plane was seen heading to Turkey, and it turned off its transponders. It is believed that it could be a business jet from bombardier.

The information was acquired from open sources. It is not yet known what type of plane it was. Recently, unconfirmed reports revealed that Russia has been transferring several fighter jets (MIG-29) to the military airbase in Yerevan, Armenia, in spite of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that Russia would not interfere in the Armenia-Azerbaijan if it feels like. The fighter jets, according to Ateo Breaking did not bare any insignia. The Russian President said that he is under no obligation to defend Armenia outside its territories.

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