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Huge fire engulfs a 33-storey building in South Korea.

Image Credit: Twitter

On Thursday, a huge fire engulfed a 33-storey building in Dal Dong district of Ulsan, south east of South Korea. It has been reported that the fire started at 11:07pm local time, between the 8th and 12th floor of the building. Due to strong winds, the fire quickly spread to engulf the entirety of one side of the building. The other side of the building remained untouched by the blaze.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the building, some of which through the roof of the building. At least 77 people have been rushed to hospital due to smoke inhalation.

The Ulsan Fire Department quickly deployed its firefighters to the area, but experienced some difficulty to extinguish the fire due to the strong winds. The fire spread to a nearby mall, but was quickly extinguished. Footage released from witnesses of the blaze showed concrete slabs and other debris on fire falling down from the building. One eye witness said that a type of material located on the exterior side of the building, possibly insulation, aided the spread of the fire through the building.

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