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Fuel tanker explosion in Lagos, Nigeria.

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On Saturday, at 2am, two fuel tankers exploded in the famous Otedola bridge in Lagos, Nigeria. It is still unknown how many casualties there are, and what was the cause of the explosion.

Lagos State Emergency Management tweeted,

The Agency has responded to the distress calls concerning a tanker on fire at Berger along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway.

Unfortunately, the city of Lagos, Nigeria is all too familiar with fuel tanker explosions. Less than a month ago, on 23rd September, the city experienced a massive explosion, when a fuel tanker blew up killing 40 people, and just two weeks ago another explosion occurred in the city of Baruwa, a densely populated suburb of Lagos. According to reports, the explosion occurred when an LPG tanker was discharging its contents, when the station’s generation set was still running. A spark caused an explosion that apparently threw the tanker across the road.

It is believed that poor safety standards could have prevented most explosions in Nigeria, but an investigation in the fuel tanker explosion of Saturday is still underway.

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