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China conducts a live-fire drill after President Xi Jinping said to his soldiers ‘focus on preparing for war’.

Image Credit: South China Morning Post

Days after the Chinese President Xi Jinping urged all of his soldiers to ‘focus on preparing for war’, a live-fire drill was conducted. In a video posted by state-owned CCTV, Chinese fighter jets could be seen flying across the mountains and firing at several targets.

Focus all (your) minds and energy on preparing for war and maintain high level of alert.

Chinese President Xi Jinping

China has been carrying several military drills. Recently, it carried out simultaneous military drills in four different seas, as it ramps up its military preparedness for possible war with India over the Ladakh region. The situation on the Line of Control (LAC) has deteriorated to the point where both militaries are increasingly becoming more prepared for a possible conflict. The Chinese President said to his troops to be ready for any possible scenario over the Ladakh region, during his visit to a military base in Guangdong province in October 13.

Recently, China has also threatened that it will invade Taiwan by conducting a live-fire drill of soldiers seizing an unidentified island. China and Taiwan diplomatic relations have also deteriorated when a Taiwanese businessman in China confessed that he was a Taiwan spy. He is currently being held captive by Chinese authorities. China considers Taiwan as part of its land, and has always said that if necessary, it will take it by force. The Chinese President said that the Navy has an important duty of ‘safeguarding the country’s sovereignty security and marine interests.’

Video Credit: CGTN

Just a month ago, China also conducted a simulated attack on an unidentified island using nuclear-capable bombers. Many believed that that it appeared like a simulated attack on US Anderson Air Force Base on the Pacific Island of Guam. US has showed its support to Taiwan, adding to a further deterioration in relations with China, as they have already clashed over trade and other security issues.


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