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Qatar reports 254 Covid-19 cases.

Image Credit: Karim Jaafar/ AFP via Getty Images

On Saturday, Qatar health ministry reported 254 new coronavirus cases and 269 recoveries. No deaths were reported. Over the past 24 hours, 9,032 people were swabbed for COVID-19.

Qatar daily new cases has remained stable since August, having been spared from the second wave most of the World is experiencing. The measures Qatar implemented to curb the spread of the coronavirus have succeeded in flattening the curve. Since August, Qatar only reported between 150 to 300 cases daily. They have the lowest death rates in the World which is due to :

  • Its young population.
  • Proactive testing to identify individuals with COVID-19 early.
  • Increased intensive care capacity to be able to deal with a huge influx of patients.
  • Protected the elderly and individuals that suffer from chronic diseases.

The number of active cases in Qatar dropped dramatically after the peak of May, when there were around 35,000 active cases. Active cases started to drop from June, and continued going down, due to the correct measures being implemented. On Saturday, Qatar reported 2,868 active cases.

As of Saturday, Qatar reported 130,965 cases and 229 deaths since the pandemic began.

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