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An offshore workbarge sinks in Malaysia.

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On Tuesday morning, it was reported that an offshore workbarge sunk in Baram field in Malaysian waters. This sparked a huge rescue operation. The 80.4 metre vessel built in 2012 as a maintenance and support vessel is owned by Malaysia’s DESB Marine Services.

The vessel, Dayang Topaz sent a distress signal after it apparently hit a platform in Baram field, and started sinking. An offshore vessel, Sapura Constructor picked up the distress signal and headed towards the vessel whoch was located 7.7 nautical miles from Kuala Baram, Miri. When they arrived they found the workbarge sinking and most of the crew in the sea. It has been reported that around 125 crew were in the sea, while 62 remained on the vessel. Director General of Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), Mohd Zubil said,

The relief assets immediatelt dispatched tot he location included three vessels and a Malaysian Maritime boat off Miri, along with seven ships and boats owned by Petronas and shell companies. All crewmembers that were found were rescued by aid assets and ships that had arrived at the location.

Mohd Zubil, head of MMEA

The Maritime Rescue Coordination Center conducted a massive search and recsue operation, by sending a number of rescue ships to the area. So far, 121 crew has been saved, four still missing and one has been found dead.

An investigation into the cause of the accident, and to determine if there was negligence was launched.

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