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Greece experiencing a sudden increase in cases.

Image Credit: AAP via EPA/ Yannis Kolesidis

On Tuesday, Greek authorities reported 1,259 new cases making it the highest daily number of infections since the pandemic began. There were 12 deaths on the same day. Greece has been reporting a steady increase in the number of cases since early October, but the jump in the number of cases to 1,259 from the previous day when there were 715 cases is alarming.

Following the spike in cases, some region units in Northern Greece, such a Serres and Ioannina, will go into lockdown. Greek authorities are considering new measures in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the measures that have been considered include a closures of bars and restaurants at 9pm, which currently are shutting down at 12am, and also a ban on travelling from one regional unit to another. Currently, in Athens there is a curfew from 12:30am to 5am.

Civil Protection Minister Nikos Hardalias said that the abrupt increase in the number of cases in Serres and Ioannina will inevitably lead to increase in the risk level to 4. This would mean that both public and private gatherings will be banned. This also means that museums, shops, gyms, courts, restaurants and cinemas will also close.

On the same day, the education minister, Niki Kerameos, tested positive for the virus. The Minister tweeted that she had no symptoms, and is in isolation. In light of the surge in cases, the government’s top advisor and epidemiologist, Sotiris Tsiodras said during a news briefing,

We all know what should be done, but we can’t get into everyone conscience. It is a matter of personal responsibility. Now is the time for the voice of conscience to speak.

Sotiris Tsiodras.

Mr. Tsiodras who had not appeared on TV since his nightly appearances in the beginning of the pandemic said,

Unfortunately, our personal freedoms are being curtailed, but a face mask is our only option. I haven’t been to a restaurant or a cafe from February.

Sotiris Tsiodras.

The number of patients that are intubated has risen to 102, with an average age of 65. As of Wednesday, Greece reported a total of 32,755 cases and 593 deaths since the pandemic began.


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