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Singapore reports only 9 new cases.

Image Credit: ONG WEE JIN

On Friday, Singapore reported nine new cases of COVID-19. Of the nine cases, one was a community case, another was an infection in a dormitory, and seven cases were imported. All 9 cases were asymptomatic. There are only 42 patients in the hospitals of Singapore. Of these none are in the intensive care units, and most of them are stable and improving.

Singapore managed to contain coronavirus from a 3 digit number of cases last July, to single digits this month. The measures that Singapore put in place have managed to reduce the spread. It’s success on controlling the virus can be attributed to its aggressive testing for early detection, combined with efficient contact tracing. Singapore have employed bluetooth contact-tracing tokens, where every citizen in the country must wear.

On Thursday, Singapore announced that on November 6, border restrictions for all travellers coming from China and Australia’s state of Victoria will be lifted. Upon arrival, all travellers will undergo a COVID-19 Polymerse Chain Reaction (PCR) test. This announcement follows an earlier lifting of border restrictions from Vietnam, New Zealand, Brunei and other parts of Australia.

As of Friday, Singapore reported 58,003 cases and 28 deaths since the pandemic began.

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