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Russia reports a new record of cases.

Image Credit: Maxim Shemetov/ Reuters

On Friday, Russia reported 18,283 cases, a new daily record for the second consecutive day. It is the first time that the daily number of cases surpassed 18,000.

Russia authorities said that around 22.3% of COVID-19 positive patients were asymptomatic. The latest record is worrying Russian officials as news of widespread shortages of hospital beds, drugs and staff has been affecting Russian regions outside of Moscow city. In an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, Russia has introduced several measures, which includes a national mask mandate, and the closure of nightclubs and bars after 11pm.

Regardless of the spread of the virus in Russia, and the risk for the health system to collapse, the country’s sports minister said that he will ensure that sports fans can still attend sports events. Last week, in the Champions League game between Zenit st. and Petersburg and Brugge, 16,700 supporters were allowed in the stadium. Last month, Russia also allowed up to 30,000 people to attend the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi. This is worrying for a country that is experiencing tbe beginning of the second wave.

Also, on Thursday, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin said that there is equipment shortages in mass producing the vaccine Sputnik V. This will delay its production. As of Friday, Russia reported 1.6 million cases and 27,656 deaths since the pandemic began.

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