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France to build a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier by 2038.

Image Credit: Eric Feferberg/AFP via Getty Images)

On Tuesday French President Emmanuel Macron have approved a deal which would see a new nuclear-powered aircraft carrier that would come in service in 2038, replacing the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier which entered service in 2001.

The new aircraft carrier is expected to serve till 2080, and will be thea biggest warship France has ever built. It is designed to deploy future combat aircraft system (FCAS). Around 30 aircraft, which would be bigger than Rafale fighter jets will be deployed on the aircraft carrier. The President said that nuclear reactors would be used so as part of the French’s climate strategy to reduce emissions.

The aircraft carrier will weigh around 70,000 tons and is 300 metres long. It will be roughly 1.5 times the size of Charles De Gaulle. It will be able to sail at 27 knots (31mph). French media has estimated the cost of building the aircraft carrier at €7 billion ($8.5billion).

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