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Russia to receive the first batch of T-14 armata tanks in 2021.

Image Credit: AP

On Monday, the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov, said in a statement to reporters that the Russian army will receive the first batch of the new T-14 armata tank in 2021.

Serial deliveries of the T-14 tank on the Armata platform will begin in 2021. Today, it is certainly the best tank in the world. In the future, this vehicle will be the new main tank of the Russian army.

Sergei Chemezov.

The T-14 armata recently was approved for export, and is expected to be sold to foreign countries. The tank is considered to be one of the most advanced on Earth, but its effectiveness in battle would still need to be determined. The tank is mostly automated and is considered highly innovative. One of the most advanced features is its unmanned turret, which also includes a 125-millimeter 2A82-1M smoothbore main gun which is remotely controlled and has an autoloader. Its automated systems will help in tracking and locking on to the target. The tank commander, driver and gunner are housed in an armoured crew compartment in the front, separate from the autoloader storage.

The tank is expected to cost more than $4 million each, and for this reason, initial plans by Russia to get around 2,300 will most likely be too expensive.

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