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Explosion hits a gas pipeline in North Sinai, Egypt.

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On Thursday night, a source reported that an explosion hit a gas pipeline in North Sinai, Egypt. It occurred in Sabika region. It is the second of its kind in North Sinai.

An explosion occurred (Thursday) evening along the main gas pipeline supplying the city of El-Arish.

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Witnesses in the region reported thick black smoke coming out from the pipeline. AFP reported that the black smoke was seen as far as 30 kilometres away. Provincial governor Mohammed Abdel Fadil Shousha said that the damage to the pipeline will not affect the gas supply to the city.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the explosion. No casualties were reported. Egypt is currently combating Islamic terrorists in North Sinai. After the 2013 ousting of President Mohammed Morsi, Islamic attacks in Sinai were more frequent.

Earlier this year, Islamic state carried out an attack on a gas pipeline and managed to blow it up. The pipeline was around 80 kilometres west of Al-Arish.

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