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Indian navy to carry out a joint training exercise with the Vietnamese navy.

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On December 26, an Indian naval warship, INS Kiltan, will conduct a ‘passage exercise’ in the South China Sea with the Vietnamese navy in its return journey back. It is expected to last until December 27.

INS Kiltan was sent by the Indian navy to Vietnam with 15 tonnes of relief material after a huge flood in Central Vietnam killed more than 230 people during October and November this year. The Indian warship reached Nha Rhang port of Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday.

On departure from Ho Chi Minh City, the ship will undertake a passage exercise with the Vietnam People’s Navy in the South China Sea from December 26 to 27.

Indian Defense Ministry

On Monday, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi carried out a virtual summit with the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, where they agreed to boost military cooperation at a time when China is continuously harassing countries like Vietnam over area disputes in the South China sea. China is continuously building military bases in the South China Sea in an attempt to boost its effort to keep most of the South China for themselves.

India has oil exploration projects, but it will have problems as China claims sovereignty over all of South China Sea.

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