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Iraqi explosives experts defusing a mine on an oil tanker.

Image Credit: AP Photo/ Nabil al-Jurani

On Friday, Iraqi authorities announced that a number of Iraqi explosives experts were currently defusing a mine that was found in the Liberian-flagged oil tanker, MT Pola, in the Iraq port of Basra in the Persian Gulf. The announcement came a day after sailors from the oil tanker believed that they have found a limpet mine on the oil tanker. A limpet mine, is a naval mine which attached to the side of the ship by using magnets. It is usually delivered by a diving team. It can cause significant damage to the ship.

The Iraqi statement revealed that the oil tanker that had the mine attached to it, was rented from Iraq’s Oil Marketing Company SOMO. It was refueling another vessel. No details were provided regarding the vessel receiving the fuel. Despite the rough seas, the vessel receiving the fuel was evacuated safely. Iraq uses oil tankers for storage of oil since they lack a secondary conversion capacity that have resulted in idle refineries.

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