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Three explosions in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Image Credit: Rahmat Gul / AP

Two explosions 15 minutes apart occurred in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul today morning. Another explosion occurred two hours later. The first explosion occurred at 8am in Darulaman Road in the west of Kabul. The second explosion occurred in Kart-e-Parwan area in Kabul 15 minutes later.

In the first explosion, the target was a corolla vehicle. The explosion injured two people. In the second explosion, which occurred 15 minutes later, another corolla vehicle was targeted, and two soldiers and a civilian were killed in the blast. A third explosion occurred two hours later, and it targeted a police vehicle. Two police officers lost their lives in the explosion.

Afghanistan has been recently plagued by magnetic improvised explosive devices (IED). As from January 20th, 51 people lost their lives due to the terror attacks. Afghanistan’s spike in violence come as peace between the Taliban and Afghan government have stalled. ISIS terror group has claimed some of the attacks, but most were unclaimed. The Afghan government blames Taliban for the unclaimed attacks.

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