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Seven protesters killed in Burma on Saturday.

Anti-coup protesters hold picturues of the ousted leader and shout slogans on Saturday 13th March, 2021. Credit: AP photo

On Saturday, seven protesters were shot dead after security forces in Burma used live ammunition at the demonstrators. Four of the deaths were reported in Mandalay, two in Pyay and one in Twante.

It is believed that the actual death toll in Saturday protesters were even higher, but police removed some of the bodies, and several protesters suffered serious wounds and had to go urgently to hospital. All hospitals have been occupied by security forces.

Several experts put the death toll in the protests in Myanmar between 70-90 since the begining of the coup. Read more about the beginning of the coup here:

Rallies continued unhindered even during the dark, past 8pm curfew. The protesters held a mass candlelight vigil after 8pm in Mandalay and other regions. Last Friday night, three other civilians were also killed by security forces in Rangoon.

Also, last Friday, President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, announced that USA will offer temporary legal residence to citizens from Burma, citing the deadly force used by security forces since the coup by the military.

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