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Largest NATO naval exercise to be held in the Black Sea.

Naval exercise

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Starting from today NATO will hold the largest naval exercise in the Black Sea dubbed ‘Sea Shield 21’. The naval exercise will end on March 29th and over 2,400 troops, 10 aircraft and 18 warships will participate in the naval drill.

The countries that will participate in the drill are: , Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain and United States. NATO’s Allied Maritime Command will participate with its permanent naval group SNMG-2. The latter is a standing maritime immediate reaction force having seven ships curently, including the “Queen Mary” frigate of Romania.

The main goal of this naval exercise is to strengthen the cooperation and interoperability between NATO forces and the Romanian military. The first Edition of the ‘Sea Shield’ naval exercise was held in 2015. Over time the naval exercises’ scenarios were adapted with strengthened security measures on the SouthEastern Europe.

It has been reported that Russia deployed all of their six submarines of the Black Sea fleet to monitor the naval exercises.

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