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Explosion in Iran.

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On Sunday, an explosion struck a public square in the city of Saravan in Southeastern Iran. The explosion killed one person and wounded three others according to local state TV. The explosion occurred at 9:30am local time.

It is not yet known what was the cause of the explosion, or who did it, but state media has revealed that the explosion was caused deliberately by someone, and was considered as a ‘blind terrorist attack’. The Provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan are well known for trafficking drugs and petrol by militant groups. Iranian government troops occasionally clash with the militant groups in the city of Saravan in an attempt to halt drug and fuel trafficking. The area, which borders Afghanistan and Pakistan is believed to be the area of operation of the Sunni militant group, Jeish al-Adl. The militant group has ties with the terrorist group, Al Qaeda.

Last month, an Iranian border guard shot and killed a fuel trader in the region sparking a huge protest resulting in an attack by protesters on police stations and government buildings with light arms. Iran has the lowest fuel prices in the world and this is seen as an opportunity by militant groups and individuals to smuggle fuel to neighboring countries occurs. The area is known to be one of the most poor regions of Iran.

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  1. “ties with the terrorist group, Al Qaeda.”

    Which means in extension, CIA. And don’t you know Al Qaeda are in no way terrorists but in American newspeak: “Moderate Rebels”.

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