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The Iraqi military kills 27 ISIS militants in an offensive.

isis bombed

Image Credit: Hamad | Mohammed/Reuters

On Wednesday, the Iraqi military said that 27 ISIS militants were killed in offensive targeting their positions in a mountainous area in Northern Iraq. The Iraqi troops were backed US-led coalition and Iraqi aircraft. The offensive on the Makhmour mountainous area in southeast of Nineveh provincial capital of Mosul, was launched on March 9 and continued for 14 days. A total of 312 airstrikes destroyed 120 IS positions and caves which are used by ISIS to plan their next attacks.

Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, Prime Minister of Iraq and CINC, approved the use of Coalition air power to ensure the enduring defeat of Daesh in the Makhmour Mountains.

Army Col. Wayne Marotto, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve

It is unknown how many died inside the caves, but these IS militants that were fleeing the attacked positions were shot at by snipers. They managed to kill 27 IS militants that were fleeing.

These past months ISIS activity increased in Iraq and also Afghanistan, as the threat of resurgence of the terrorist group that wrecked havoc a few years back, increases. Regardless of this, the security situation in Iraq seems to be improving since ISIS were defeated back in 2017. ISIS mostly carry out guerrilla attacks against security forces and civilians.

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