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Iran fires a missile at an Israeli cargo ship in the Arabian Sea.

Image Credit: Getty Photo

On Thursday, Channel 12 News reported that Iran fired a missile towards an Israeli cargo ship while it was sailing in the Red Sea, near Oman, while it was en route to India from Tanzania. The cargo ship sustained some damage, but continued its journey.

Israeli security officials and XT management -owners of the cargo ship, were immediately notified of the attack, and a damage assessment will be conducted once the ship arrives in India.

Last February, another Israeli owned cargo ship was attacked by Iran, after it suffered a mysterious explosion in the Gulf of Oman. Israel also attacked a number of Iranian owned ships in the sea, showing that there is a continuous naval war between both countries. It was revealed by Hareetz, that Israel attacked several Iranian oil tankers causing billions of dollars in damage to Iran, as Iranian shipping has been severely disrupted by Israeli attacks.

Two weeks ago, an Iranian container ship was attacked in the Mediterranean in what is considered by Iran as a ‘terrorist attack’.

Regarding the Thursday attack, Israeli Defense Minister Defense Minister Benny Gantz said,

We will need to keep investigating, but we can say for sure that Iran is attempting to damage Israeli infrastructure and to hurt Israeli citizens.

Israeli Defense Minister Defense Minister Benny Gantz.


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