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More than 30 dead after train collision in Southern Egypt.

Image Credit: Twitter: @lummideast

On Friday afternoon, two trains collided in the Southern Egyptian city of Sohag. The collision caused three passenger cars to derail and flip over, killing at least 32 people and injuring 66 others. The Health authorities deployed 36 ambulances to the scene, and the casualties were taken to nearby hospitals.

The Egypt’s Railway Authorities issued a statement saying that the accident happened due to an individual that activated the emergency brakes of a passenger train. The activation of brakes of the passenger train resulted in the passenger train behind to crash onto it. Videos taken on the site of accident showed people still trapped inside, others on the ground unconscious and some bleeding. Bystanders were seen carrying lifeless bodies on the ground near the site.

“The trains collided while going at not very high speeds, which led to the destruction of two carriages and a third to overturn.

Security Source said to Reuters.

Egypt has one of the oldest and largest railway networks in Africa, and unfortunately, it is poorly maintained. Train accidents are a common occurrence in the country, with official figures showing 1793 accidents reported in 2017 alone. Last year, two passenger trains collided in the port city of Alexandria, killing 43 people.

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