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A huge number of Chinese military aircraft entered Taiwan’s airspace, in the biggest incursion.

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On Friday, Taiwan reported the largest incursion by Chinese’s air force, as they entered Taiwan’s air defence identification zone (ADID) again, forcing Taiwan to scramble its fighter jets. All the military aircraft were being monitored by the Taiwanese army, and missiles were deployed as a precautionary measure. Taiwan warned the Chinese military aircraft a number of times to leave the ADID, both by radio and its military aircraft.

This is not the first time China sends its military aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace. It has been doing this daily for more than a year, in an attempt to show that Taiwan is their own territory. They repeatedly demonstrated that they are ready to take back their land by force if necessary, as Chinese President said to his troops to prepare for war last year. A person familiar with Taiwan’s security revealed that China was conducting a military exercise that simulates an operation against US warships entering the Bashi channel.

The huge number of Chinese military aircraft is reminiscent of 14 military Chinese aircraft that were sent a few months ago, which was believed to be a test to the new US President Joe Biden. During Friday’s incursion, there were four H-6K nuclear bombers and 10 J-16 fighter jets, among others. This comes after Taiwan’s air force suspended all training missions, after two of their military aircraft crashed this week.

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