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Active shooter at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.

An active shooter warning was reported at the Joint Base San Antonio, Texas a few minutes ago. The alert said, ‘Active Shooter lockdown on LAK.’

Image Credit: JointBaseSanAntonio Twitter account.

Currently, all base personnel and under lock-down in the base and personnel were ordered to shelter.

DPS troopers and police are on site to clear the area and search for the shooter/s. There are no injuriee or casaulties so far.

Update: The shooting occured at the base’s Valley Hi gate. Two suspects are on the run. After they started shooting, they fled when trainees responded. The base issued an ‘all clear’ around 3pm local time.

Update 2: Not yet clear that there were two gunmen. An investigation has been launched.

Update 3: “No reports of anybody visually seen firing firearms on the installation”, Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland spokesperson Lt. Col. Brian Loveless said.

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