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Immediate evacuation of 156-Unit Condo in the City Of North Miami.

156 unit condo miami

Image Credit: CBS Miami

On Friday, the city of North Miami has demanded the immediate evacuation and closure of the 156-unit Crestview Towers after a building inspection revealed unsafe electrical and structural conditions. The 49-year old building is located in the 2000 block of Northeast 164th Street. Officials cordoned the building off on Friday afternoon and went door-to-door to demand the evacuation of the residents.

The a real certification report which dates back to January 11, 2021 mentioned that the building has structural and electrical problems but deemed it safe. Miami officials, amid the Surfside condo collapse which killed 22 people, took no chances and deemed it unsafe after finding i the document that the building has cracks in concrete berms, slabs, walls and columns and several electrical panels need urgent repair. The condo is 5 miles away from the collapsed Surfside condo.

Some residents of the 156-unit Condo were surprised by the decision after they thought there was nothing wrong in the Condo they were living in. Other residents agreed that there was something wrong in the building.

A resident said,

If you walk around you’ll see some cracks on the walls and stuff like that. They’re supposedly fixing trying to fix but again nobody knew I didn’t know the building was deemed unsafe.

Dauphin – 156- unit Condo resident.

More details to follow.

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