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President of Haiti assassinated.

Haiti president assassinated

Image Credit: CNW network

Reports came in that the President of Haiti has been assassinated after an armed attack. According to Juno7, a local news organization, the President of Haiti Jovenel Moise, 53, was attacked while he was in his private residence. His wife was injured in the attack.

The attack occurred on Wednesday at 1am local time. The Prime Minister Dr. Claude Joseph urged for calm as the Haitian Police and armed forces are trying to find the shooters. While they have not identify any shooters, they know that they spoke Spanish.

It is not yet known who will succeed Jovenel Moise as the next in line would usually be Haiti’s President of the Supreme Court, but he died of COVID-19 recently. The situation is now quite confusing, as President Moise himself was criticized for not holding local and national elections, and since recent elections were not held, the parliament is as such useless. Critics of the President Moise said that he illegally extended his presidency.

The country which is one of the poorest in Latin America, and is in dire situation due to COVID-19 is also experiencing increasing violence most notably last June. On June 29, Haitian human-rights activist Antoinette Duclaire, 33, and her friend Diego Charles ,33 a journalist for Radio Tele Vision 2000, were assassinated in Haiti capital Port-au-Prince. The killers are still on the run.


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