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Massive blaze in a warehouse in Yangon, Myanmar.

Image Credit: Twitter account Shun Lae Khoon

Today, a massive blaze was reported by a number of local residents at no.2 ward, Pazundaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar. According to residents, the fire broke out in a warehouse between the 54th and 55th streets in Pazundaung Township at around 3.30pm local time. A number of people were reported to be still inside.

Due to the amount of censorship of media in Myanmar, not much information can be obtained. A few months ago, the military conducted a coup, ousting the country’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and several other politicians of her party. The country remained highly unstable ever since. The country is in a risk of a large-scale civil war. There is a lot of fighting between the anti-regime forces and the military. Some young pro-democracy protesters are believed to have joined the anti-regime forces. The country has been riddled with random explosions and buildings on fire. This fire could be attributed to an attack by the military junta or else an accident.

The only footage available reveals a huge amount of smoke that covers the whole warehouse from one side of the densely populated road. Another footage shows the roof of the building on fire. More details to follow.

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